Narragansett tribe

Once the evolution of the cannabis industry takes off, most farmers will not want to grow vegetative food. as they could produce a lot more money growing for the cannabis industry. to combat this, I am proposing a deal with our sovereign nation. to grow a large amount of the food needed to feed Rhode Island. which will include a portion of the cannabis company. this deal will be extended to local farmers, who want to take part in feeding Rhode Island.

The Narragansett Indians will also be given two seats. One in the legislative branch; one in the House of Representatives. pushing the seats to 77. both will be subject to election in the sovereign nation, as to comply with our elections. they are recognized as a government, both at state and federal levels. it’s time they have a seat at the table! the Narragansett’s have always protected the smaller tribes and never violated our treaty with Roger Williams. Until they were massacred at the great swap and were forced to enter the war.

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