Veterans first

I would also like to introduce the veteran's first police act. to bring a better-trained police force to our community. I support hiring military veterans first. giving them a purpose after deployment. a duty to keep America safe! many of our veterans end up jobless and homeless these are our heroes! when they come home they will continue to be heroes! my ultimate goal is to take away the fear people have when they see the police. see them for what they are. the people willing to lose their life, to ensure your life is safe!

The ability to bear arms and purchase body armor that protects vital organs shall not be infringed. even with past mistakes, unless it’s misuse of a deadly weapon. this is extremely important because our business will be right in our front yards. protecting your land and family is the most important!

To ensure police are not causing harm. if an officer is found breaking the law, arresting by escalating situations. they will be charged with felony obstruction of justice. because they are creating a criminal. we want to encourage officers to De-escalate situations. provide the proper help rather than causing an arrest. they can provide mental health outlets. call a therapist to help to give them a proper outlet.

Police will no longer be able to speed trap and extort civilians through fines. their job is not to control traffic but to keep the peace. protecting the citizens and their land is not achieved this way. Police should only be pulling over cars that are suspected of crimes. tickets can be sent by mail and these fines will be community service. because a fine in the form of money can only affect the poor.

It’s not going to be easy and it’s going to take a long time to take away the bad rep the officer has gotten. but this is the first step in earning the respect back from the community “IN RI”.

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