Letter to Elon Musk regarding “The Superman Building” and “The Apex center” open invite to synthesis school

Rey Herrera for Governor of RI

Dear Elon Musk, Tesla/Synthesis

As a fellow “Outer-lectual” -- a word I created for outside the box thinkers -- I propose on behalf of the people of Rhode Island a joint acquisition of 2 very special old Providence, RI- area buildings, perfectly matched to your Tesla and Synthesis business character of setting and achieving our future generations’ most crucial goals.

The following pages describe the buildings’ suitability for your corporations’ needs, and describe where I, a GOP political outsider “people’s candidate” for RI Governor, want to take Rhode Island's educational and economics system, relative to your corporations, Synthesis and Tesla.

The Buildings:

My State has 2 spectacular buildings for your future New England headquarters.

“The Industrial Trust Building” aka “the Superman Building”, 111 Westminster St, Providence, is a currently unused Art Deco replica of Superman’s “Daily Planet”, and a natural future home of the New England “Synthesis” headquarters.

The other building, a pyramid within sight of the first, is called the “Apex Center” and is a natural site for the expansion of Tesla and further development of the hemp scrap-derived graphene for super-capacitors.

The Superman Building & Synthesis Evolution:

With the predictable expansion of Synthesis school systems, we have an opportunity to take a lower percentile State school system (and dead last among New England States) and lift our kids to be tomorrow’s thinkers, expanding thoughts of imagination into human reality.

Our school system here has failed generations of children and my vision for our students is expansion to your school, an “evolution to your revolution”. I see a future of brick and mortar schools augmented with virtual reality, providing students a safe social media forum to encourage, empower and motivate the kids of tomorrow in the media on which many economic sectors will operate.

VR Component:

I plan a virtual world where a teacher can be any person in history through avatar technology. This technology has the ability to place students into historic events in first person reliving moments in history, within a known-safe context. This also makes it so kids no longer feel insecure in school because they can't afford nice clothes or feel intellectually different from other children, because they are free to create a character in any style they please, while also giving parents and kids choice on the programs they will learn so if a consumer doesn’t like a program, he/she simply opts to download a lesson with a slant more in line with their family’s values. Learning rate differential alienation in children can be eliminated because the program moves at each child’s pace while also creating algorithms to form groups that would work well together to teach team work thinking skills.

Student App:

You recently asked if society needs a new communications app because of Twitter rules, while I'm concerned about safe places for our kids to interact -- a place just for students where kids are influencing other kids, where school sports events are posted for other kids to watch, or videos of kids teaching reading math tricks tailored to other students particular interests, so learning is exciting. For example, football athletes understand math lessons better when the word problems are about football, just as Home Economics fans learn math best when it’s taught in the context of recipes, cooking and measuring. The app could even host sports gaming VR events, for example, for sports-interested students who don’t normally play due to size, health, age or other differences -- the expansion of our children’s experiential possibility is truly amazing, and with guidance from educators, students could soon be producing not only revenue-generating video/VR content (including real and VR sports contests), but also educational content for younger students.

With Synthesis in the Superman Building, these things are possible and I'm asking you to come help our students be the Outer-lectuals of tomorrow, since this generation’s academic achievements will be greater than just personal. This fix for our schools will be a model for others, jump-starting their future -- we can be the leaders in educational technology aimed at empowering children to be more than an intellectual, and show them it's ok to be Outer-lectual!

The Apex Building & Tesla i.e.

“Regenerative Capitalism”

Regenerative Capitalism is a term I created to define a company owned by the citizens of Rhode Island, which will collect spent discards from legal cannabis plants, such as roots, stalks, seeds and processed foliage, for processing into hemp, with the remaining ash used in graphene battery production. When a RI citizen brings their product to the regenerative company, they will be paid market rate for the product, and the company will then make industrial products for resale. Profits generated go to every citizen in the state, including retired people and children, irrespective of participation.

The plan also has a component that strategically generates value-added tax credits for investors, using a novel “regenerative funding” IRS filing strategy devised by my colleague Rev. Anne Armstrong, a former Raytheon Electrical Engineering Section Manager. The overall goal is to strengthen the working class along with the investors who always make money, because if your basic necessities are taken care of, you work to earn and build, not just to survive, and that’s the future.

Tesla at the Apex Center:

I'm asking Tesla to be a part of the future development of the Hemp Super Capacitor. A super capacitor has been developed from the waste of the hemp plant which is 1/1000 of the cost of lithium. And while it does not have the capacity to hold power long term like lithium, it does have the ability to expend more power more quickly, and so is a great automotive complement to lithium. 15 years ago people laughed at the idea of a car run on batteries. You made that a possibility. A profitably greener future is the highest point of “The Apex” business plan.

The Apex Center/Tesla will be separate from the regenerative company, but will be its largest client. On top of the economic benefits shared by Rhode Islanders and contractors like Tesla, it’s something that generates pride and outsider appreciation for both your company and our State, un unbeatable PR boost.

Regenerative Bicycles and Sports Equipment:

Fitness and bicycling enthusiasts can store marketable power by riding, coasting and braking -- the bicycle was the original recipient of John Jacob Astor’s 19th century “regenerative brake”, after all. As the person rides the bike, it will gear the alternator, storing the energy in the plant- based battery, to be discharged at market rates at an electric vehicle charging station. This allows citizens to generate money while exercising or even going to work, in some cases transferring a costly ride to work into a profitable one. And needless to say, all future gym builds should incorporate similar technology into exercise equipment -- force equals energy, after all. The possibilities are endless, and can certainly lower the cost of gym memberships!


I hope I have sparked your intrigue with my ideas for your companies and these amazing buildings, using the amazing human capital our State has to offer -- and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Rey Herrera, RI GOP Gubernatorial Candidate, author /s/ April 16, 2022

Alan Gordon (LLB), Canon to the Ordinary, The Healing Church IN RI, ed /s/ April 16, 2022