Regenerative capitalism

how this will work is we the citizens will grow cannabis. we bring this cannabis to the company. who will pay us for the inventory we brought them. the company will then produce industrial products and that money is funded back to your household!

(whether it be direct money or a form of the healthcare system or housing systems will be up for debate via “peoples vote” which is explained in a different tab)

The company’s first products will be clothing and shoes along with beds pillows and ropes and hemp capacitors.

the first major project will be to create an electric bike that works backward. instead of using the energy, it will create energy. so it’s a generator! I’m hoping that the company that made the hemp super-capacitor “Alternet Systems”. will help us, they have created a cannabis battery from the leftover fibers of the stalk from the plant. which means, we can still produce our products and use the scraps to make batteries! With the same capabilities as the lithium-ion battery used in teslas. at 1-1000th of the cost of the batteries that power Tesla cars.

How these regenerative bikes will work. is as the person rides the bike, it will gear the alternator. which will then store the energy in the plant-based battery. which will then be discharged at an electric vehicle charging station. they will be paid for the energy they produced.

This allows citizens to generate money while exercising or even going to work. making it so you get paid to ride to work and not have to pay to make it to work.

we can also further explore gym builds. where the equipment produces energy, force equals energy. we can turn bench press machines into a pole pushing gears on the side. connected to a generator; connected to the plant battery, or treadmills with the same function. the possibilities are endless! we will be the leader in social wealth per capital, not in the United States but the world! we will be the example of a better tomorrow here “IN RI”!

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