Mental health

In life one of the most heartbreaking things we can do, is see another person struggle and do nothing about it. we have people not begging, but crying for our help. I’m not sure when America stopped loving its neighbors, but I love you. We need more help for adults going through mental health issues. too many times a person goes through pain alone. which leads to alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and in worst cases suicide. you see I don’t see a person with a drug problem, I see a person with a love problem. who gave up on you! I’m tired of losing friends to drugs! I’m tired of seeing them take that bottle to fill that emptiness! they end up so lost they want to just hang it up. My friend did. we as a community need to come together and care to reach out. We could work on an app that you go in and talk about your problems. where you don’t sign in, you just go to a text with a therapist Anonymously. we can put a system in jail with the tablets they already have. where people can talk to them about their problems. help them be a better person when released. providing them with jobs when they get out and a place to live. The change starts here today with you “IN RI”.

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