It’s clear we need to build more apartment complex’s. with the new infrastructure bill, they plan on spending 6 billion dollars over the next 6 years. for a system Rhode Islanders rarely use.

we could use that money over the next 6 years to build complexes. both above ground and below. to address the extreme need for affordable housing. the housing market has become a business to exploit the working class. which needs to be fixed!

I believe no one should own more than two houses (summer-winter). basic needs of humanity should not be monopolized.

to further explain the building below ground. It will lower the cost of heating. because the temperature stays a consistent 70 degrees. we would also still be able to plant full trees above the complex. as trees only need 4-8 feet of depth in the soil to grow. to help produce more oxygen.

structures and pavement, eliminate areas that can produce oxygen and consume carbon. by not allowing plant life to grow.

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