Augmented Education

Short learning videos produced by the kids, to help struggling kids. the app will be like “tictok”. but videos focusing on math, science, reading, and writing. from grades k-12!

We will publish sports events live to generate money for the schools. via commercials both online and on tv. lowering the basketball rim to 9” for high school and 8” for middle school. This is to amplify the sport intensity, along with changing the size of the ball for elementary grades. We will also Host gaming tournaments by grade. to try and boost the app’s popularity among kids. giving all students a fair sport to play, no matter the athletic ability.

can you imagine Albert Eisenstein doing chemical experiments with your child? Or William Shakespeare teaching them to write so adequately? with virtual reality these things are possible. it’s time our educational system catches up to our technology! game developers can create the most immersive learning experience! we can provide an equal education to every student no matter district or state! with the highest performing students hosting seminars for the other students to be a part of. But understanding virtual reality will not replace teachers. it will make the teacher an avatar that looks and sounds like a historical character. so the teacher can become anyone in history in their classroom. we will be the leaders in education not in America but in the world! because the seeds we plant today will be the trees of tomorrow!

Now I know some of these goals are long-term and can’t be achieved overnight. I’m putting a lot on the shoulders of the next generation, but I know we can do this! the biggest challenge will be making the virtual world. to take the kids away from the education factories and into a world of immersive learning. that makes learning fun and enjoyable. the end goal will be the most educated generation in history and it will start here “IN RI”.

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